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What is commodities trading?
In trading terms, a commodity is the product that can be exchanged with one another or even of the same type
Commodities trading is therefore the way in which such goods are bought and sold around the world.
. It is one of the safeties range to invest in, that’s because commodities in general do save it value over the ages.
Investors can buy and sell these commodities between each other including but not limited to Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, and Natural Gas other than that you can also trade
on more than 20 global commodities.
Many investors have turned to CFD trading in commodities, as this allows them to profit from rising or falling prices.
The most popular commodities markets can be grouped into four broad categories – precious metals, agriculture, energy and soft.
The energy and metals markets are relatively self-explanatory, while agriculture covers crops like wheat. Meanwhile, soft refers to goods such as coffee, sugar and cocoa.