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Islamic accounts are also known as swap-free accounts they imply no swap or rollover interest on overnight positions, which is against Islamic law. We offer our Islamic accounts to our clients following the Islam law.

TGIFX Commercial Brokers LLC is a brokerage company that provides security according to the Islamic Sharia law without additional commissions on the opening and closing deals. The difference between regular accounts and Islamic accounts in the Forex market – currency and metal trading and the identifier also  with (immediate criticism) duration of 24 hours a day, if not close the deal before five o’clock New York time is Swap open positions for more than 24 hours (to pay interest or taken) .

As compared to the Islamic accounts they are free of swaps and usurious no matter how long the deal period. The process of delaying the deal is the biggest part in legitimate forms, they are combined with usurious interest because the interest rate of the currency intervention in the calculation of the commission, it is difficult to see the benefit of it, but the carry trade commission in return extends the life of the commercial contract service.
Therefore, you should rest assured dear investor trading within the Islamic TGIFX accounts in the company because it ensures that you traded in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia law.
Also, traders who cannot afford to complete the contract can trade with leverage that allows them to trade much larger than their account contracts and without any usurious interest Also, unlike regular accounts that are part of kickbacks premeditation that is levied enters into account the interest rate by purchase or sales, interest is calculated directly linked to interest rates of the central banks in the currencies of countries representing the ratio.
It is a central factor in the calculation of the proportion of commission premeditation, that’s within the scope of the Islamic account request is dispensed to pay or get these benefits against the Swap transactions.